Thursday, December 15, 2011

Santa are you for REAL?

santa are you for real

Santa. Father Christmas. Mr. Claus. No matter what you decide to call him, you have to make the decision of what role he will play in your childs life.

This time last year I was beginning to explore who Santa would be in the Stink Bugs life. This is an excerpt from that blog:

"As for telling the Stink Bug who Santa is, that is where I am torn. On one hand I want her to experience the whole "Santa" mysticism but, I also want her to understand that we are really celebrating the biblical Christmas story first and foremost.

Awhile back, I picked up a book at a library sale called "Santa are you for Real?" I dug it out the other day and it really helped to lead me in the "Santa" direction that I think I want to go. Here is a brief description of the book from

"In this book children will discover that there really was a Saint Nicholas. Through colorful illustrations and a heartwarming story, children and parents will learn who the real Saint Nick was, when he lived, and why he gave gifts. Most importantly, you'll see how the original Saint Nick set an example for us today by keeping Christ at the heart of Christmas. Written by Harold Myra, President of Christianity Today, Inc., this trustworthy story is accompanied with fun, whimsical illustrations."

The book is heavy on the idea of giving during the holidays, with Jesus' gift to us being the model for our giving. I like that idea. The part of the book that I think I like best is that last page. It concludes with one of the children staring out of the window on Christmas eve, wondering if she just saw Santa in the moonlight. I like this idea because the book never really squashed the idea of Santa. It still leaves the parents to say, "I don't know about Santa, what do you think?" You can leave the mystery as just that, a mystery. Letting your child try to figure it out for them self. I think this is the direction I will go with Juliet. I have a feeling that this book will become an important part of our Christmas traditions."

What Christmas traditions do you remember?
Which traditions do you celebrate with your child/children?
How do you blend the idea of Santa with Christianity?

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