Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Upcycled Sweater Mittens

I just can't get enough of upcycling my old clothes. Especially well loved sweaters that I just can't seem to throw away. This specific sweater has the sweetest buttons all the way down the front. I just love it! The problem? There is a MAJOR, fist sized, hole right in the front of it. No matter how I look at fixing it, I know it will be noticeable. So, it has spent the last 6 months just sitting, waiting, to be thrown out. I finally sat down today, and decided to do something with it (thank you nap time). I decided to made some mittens, since the sweater is 100% wool. I will be making something else too but you'll have to keep an eye out for that in another tutorial!

I decided to use the cuffs on the sleeves to my advantage.

Start by using your own hand (or your child's hand) as a guide for where to cut your sleeve. Be sure to leave yourself lots of extra room!

Cut straight across the sleeve, all the way through.

Turn the sleeve inside out.

Place your hand (or your models) on the sleeve, and use it as a guide to make a mitten shape. You can trace, and then cut, or just cut around your hand. Be sure to leave plenty of room for sewing or surging.

Repeat with the other sleeve to make a second mitten. I know that it looks like I made two of the same mitten here but, they are identical on both sides so, It really doesn't matter. Either mitten can be used for either hand. Sew or serge around each mitten, and then turn right side out.

I love the buttons on this sweater so, I just HAD to recycle them! I snipped off four buttons, two for each mitten.

I hand stitched two buttons onto the "cuff" of each mitten.

Here are my mittens, all ready for some cold weather! Just in time too! This past week the daytime temperature in Ohio went from 100+ degrees down to the mid 60's! It wont be long before we pull out the jackets and mittens! I am sure you will want some upcycled mittens too!Have fun!


  1. cool! I might do this with some of the extra wool i have leftover from my alteration of my wool coat from last winter!
    Maybe I shouldn't post this *now* after your beloved sweater has been chopped to bits - but there is an amazing company that repairs clothing remarkably well... so well, that you can't even tell in most cases. www.withoutatrace.com
    I've considered sending them scads of my holey clothes!!!

  2. Hey! I would love to feature these adorable mittens on Reduce, Reuse, Upcycle. Too cute!


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