Monday, September 12, 2011

MomAgenda Coupon and Free Shipping!

Keeping your family organized can be a bit of a chore when you have a busy family, and children to boot. This compounds when you have little ones to home school and meals to plan! I know the only way that I can keep it all together is with a planner or some kind of calender. I use my phone for some things but, it really just doesn't cut it. I need a little bit more of a "hands on" experience when it comes to keeping it all straight. I was online recently looking for a new planner and came across MomAgenda and just wanted to make a quick post to share!

I totally fell in love with their planners! I looked around for an hour or so for a "less expensive" one and really didn't find anything that came close in quality or that looked professional. Some of the other planners out there look cheap or like you are yelling from the mountaintops "I AM A MOMMY!" Not quite the look I wanted.

So getting to the point, I ordered myself one, and wanted to share a little deal that they have going on with you. If you use the link here, you can get yourself a 10% off coupon. AAAAAAND if you use the code CMPSHIP you can get free shipping too! Yay!

Ok, so I have to say that I am not getting paid for saying good things about them. Also, they did not approach me, I just wanted to share a great deal! :-)

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