Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Christmas in the Making!

I have begun working on some things for the Stink Bug for Christmas. (I can't believe that it is November already!) I have also been pulling some things out that I have already made, and had put away until the Stink Bug got older. One sweet little project that I am working on is a doll. I will leave out the tedious details but, here is some of what went into her creation thus far.

I tried my hand at tea dyeing some muslin. Very simple, and easy. I would recommend it to anyone. The only problem was that I decided to try tea dyeing AFTER I cut the fabric. A silly thing to do but, it came out just fine in the end.

My first attempt at a drawn on face. I typically embroider faces but, this gave me much more freedom and allowed me to copy a face that I liked more easily. (Yeah....her eyes...I goofed up there... but I guess that makes her VERY home made! :-D )

Here is Miss Dolly all sewn together and waiting for some stuffing! (Gotta love my camera phone flash shadow...)

Getting Stuffed! (You can see the pattern directions that I used underneath her. They are Raggedy Ann patterns but, I really didn't feel like making a raggedy Ann for the Stink Bug. I really just wanted to use the base pattern, and I am glad I did! I will use it again in the future.)

My first attempt at doll wig making went well. Each strand of hair was 10 inches long. I pulled apart the three strands of yarn that made up the piece, and then tied them together in the middle with a knot. After that I sewed on each "strand" of hair. I added them in rows across, and then down the entire wig. You can see the rows here. I think there were about 100 or more "strands" all together. Very tedious. It took HOURS. I wont do it this way again I don't think...

Here is the finished wig from the inside. You can see that the thread tension I used bunched the wig. It turned out to be just fine though. Thank heavens!

Here she is so far! She still needs some stitching across her elbows and knees. Oh, and of course, she needs some clothes too! I am sure that the Stink Bug would love her without clothes though. She seems to have a fascination with bellies and belly buttons anymore. Perhaps I will be making her some clothes for ME to enjoy!

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