Sunday, November 6, 2011

Long Over Due!

We have had quite the interesting last week or so. Our house is FINALLY on the market. Which is an awesome thing, but also very scary. I am really learning to beef up my "leaning on Gods" timing muscles when it comes to the selling of this house. I am also learning how to keep a "show ready" home. Which is a HUGE feat when you have a toddler who likes to follow behind and pull out every item that you put away. It is definitely helping me learn to be the house keeper that I have often wished I was. Knowing that at any time someone could be looking into every room of your house, even the closet that you like to stuff things into, is unnerving. You know, THAT closet. You know you have one. If it is not a closet, then it is a drawer. Better yet, you probably have both. I know I sure did!

I have also not been feeling very well (I have Hashimotos- I will have to make a post on this some time.)and was dragging around until I finally went in for some blood work this past week. I can't wait to feel better! All excuses aside, I am sorry that I did not update this past week! I have been kicking myself. I promise I will do better!

Every had one of those weeks?! Where every time you turn around something happens that takes you extra time to clean up or fix? I couldn't help but laugh out loud and take a picture of the Stink Bug with an ENTIRE roll of toilet paper all over the bathroom floor. I knew that things were a little bit too quiet while I was taking a shower... she was having a blast that's for sure!

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