Monday, January 9, 2012

Tot School: 17 Months

Tot School: 16.5 months

~17 Months~

This week we started a little something new with our tot school routine. We began a color basket. Simply, a basket filled with different types of objects that are the same color for the Stink Bug to explore. This week we started with yellow, for no other reason than the Stink Bug has shown an interest in things yellow lately. Sometimes I think it is just easier to follow your child's lead than to try to force something just because you think that your ways is the "right way" or a book tells you to!

Here are some of the objects that the Stink Bug explored!

Right away she started playing with the pegs and peg board. I had not brought them out in a few weeks for her to play with so, it was fun to see her "discover" them all over again!

This week we had our first snow fall of the year. Not very much fell but, it was the first time for the Stink Bug to really experience the snow. Last year she was just to little to really get in on the fun! (Keep posted, I am going to do an outdoor, gross motor, post sometime soon. I just want to get a few more good pictures to add to it!)

We also tried something a little bit crazy for her age this week. I pulled out some spaghetti noodles and some straight "elbow" type of macaroni noodles. If you haven't guessed already, we attempted to try some lacing with them.

The Stink Bug did much better than I expected her to. She was able to lace the noodles about 10% of the time. When I held one of her hands steady (which really defeats the purpose) she was able to lace with much more success. I think, if I had done this activity with pipe cleaners that she would have had an easier time. I think that I will try this one again next week with the pipe cleaners.

We played in the rice table every day this week. The Stink Bug has really improved her understanding of the rule "keep the rice, in the table." I can pretty much let her play with it any time, without a mess now. She has also learned that if she spills it on the floor, she has to help pick it up and the table is off limits for the day. No fun.

I just couldn't resist sharing this one again....


  1. Looks like she had a great week with lots of learning - had never thought of threading spaghetti and pasta - I might try that with my older child. Thanks for the ideas.

  2. I like the color basket. My 2 year old has become obsessed with colors. This would be a great activity for her.

    Veronica @

  3. I love your color basket and spaghetti and noodle threading! Thanks so much for linking up with Montessori Monday. I featured your post at the Living Montessori Now Facebook page:


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