Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Tot School: 17.5 Months

Tot School: 16.5 months

~17.5 Months~

I don't know if I have told you this or not but, my little Stink Bug has an ongoing love affair with craft pom-poms. She will ask to play with them DAILY. Although, if you didn't know her well you would think that she was asking for, "mom-mom" all of the time! This week, I decided to have her work on a few activities with them (instead of just dumping them all over the room -and in every toy- for me to find later).

She was "presenting" the "mom-moms" like they were a treasure to be had!

We worked on putting a pom pom in each space of our ice cube tray.

This week was the first time that she really got the idea down pat. She only made an error here and there, sticking two in one space, but quickly corrected herself.

My wonderful mother (or the Stink Bugs grandma, whichever way you look at it), was so sweet and made up a little activity for the Stink Bug this week. It could not have been more prefect. She was absolutely enthralled with it.

All my mother did was take an egg carton, cut a hole in the bottom of each egg space, and then stick a wooden clothes pin in each hole! This was great for fine motor skills, and one to one correspondence, as well as counting!

The Stink Bug even worked a little bit with squeezing the clothes pins open. This was a great way for her to explore then for the first time, without being pressured with how to "use" them. I especially love the fact that we are reusing and old egg carton that would have been thrown away! Thanks again mom!

"Bub, bub!" "Bub, bub!" is a new phrase around here. The Stink Bug really took a liking to washing her hands, and making bubbles this week. She repeatedly went to the bathroom sink and demanded more, "Bub, bub!" So, I let her. Many, many times.

Finally, I got smart, and scooped a whole bunch of bubbles into a plastic container (without any water) and let her explore them! She really had a blast and even enjoyed eating the bubbles....yuck.

I guess it is my own fault for giving her a spoon though...

...and a cup.

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  1. She looks like she is having a lot of fun! My 17 month old likes pompoms too, I gave her an empty mouthwash bottle to put pompoms into and she really loved it.


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