Friday, August 26, 2011

Emmeline Apron

I can't say enough about this apron! It is cute, it is functional, and it is REVERSIBLE! I have made it a total of five times now and every time I make it I love it more and more! I seem to add a new "extra" to it each time as well. This particular apron has an added pocket (shown open and in black on the left side) and a dish towel loop (black loop on the right side). I think the next time around I will add a few pockets to the front, as well as hidden in the sides!

Emmeline Apron

Emmeline Apron

Here is another apron I made from this pattern with a cherry motif! (Sorry about the quality of the pictures! I PROMISE they will get better!)

You can find the pattern from Sew Liberated here!

No, I am not being paid to say such nice things about Sew Liberated! I just really enjoy this pattern!

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  1. Awesome apron indeed. You can totally get one side dirty while cooking, and then just FLIP it over when guests arrive, lol. Brilliant!!

    Hugs, Bella :)
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