Thursday, August 11, 2011

Letters to My Daughter: First Birthday

Dear Stink Bug,

As I sit and write this you have just turned one, and I am planning your birthday party for this weekend. I can not believe how fast a year has gone by. It makes me a little sad to see how big you have grown. At the same time, I am excited to see the changes in you each day. Kind of an unusual experience to miss the old and revel in the new at the same time.

Some things about you as you turn one:

You can say the words; "mama," "dada," "bird," "brush," "bow," "cheese," "this," "that," and sometimes I think you are saying "kitty cat."

You can sign the words; "cheese," "more," "banana," "cracker," "eat," "book," "hat," "ball," and sometimes "finished." You often sign "more" if you want my attention or are trying to communicate your needs.

You love to point at various objects and exclaim, "dis!?" Meaning that you want me to tell you what the name of the object is and often that you would like me let you touch it.

You follow many directions when asked. Some of them are; "come sit in my lap," "give me your hand," "lift up your legs," "go and read a book," "what is in your mouth," (followed by you opening your mouth and sticking out your tongue) "can I have that," "bring that to me," "give that to daddy/mommy," "chew your food," "dance," and there are many more.

These things may seem small but, you have come a long way from not being able to lift your head as a new born. I feel blessed to have been able to witness every small change in you, no matter how insignificant that it might seem. Here are a few more "small" facts about you right now;

You have eight teeth, and your first year molars are on the way in. You have been quite a fussy baby the last few days because of the discomfort.

You are becoming quite the pro at eating now. You would rather not eat ANYTHING purred but, mommy knows better. Some things just go down better that way, and easier. You are so independent, you would prefer to feed everything to yourself but, you don't know how to use a spoon or fork yet. For a typical lunch that you can feed yourself, you will eat lentils, butternut squash, pasta, and blueberries (chopped up of course). Dinners that you can feed yourself often include; peas, carrots, tofu, and pears. Oh and of course, you demand to have diced cheddar cheese at every meal! Silly baby, you are just like your mommy. She loves cheese too!

You have been walking since you were ten months old and you have become quite good at it. So much so that you occasionally think you can outrun me! Now you have begun to climb on your toys even!

Your hair is short and blonde. We have not given you a hair cut yet but, it is beginning to get in your eyes. Speaking of eyes, they are the prettiest shade of blue with a little bit of gold right in the center. Just like your daddy's. We hope that your eye color is here to stay now!

Here are some of your favorites;

food- cheese and bananas
animal- puppies and birds
drink- water
toy- my cell phone....
person- MOMMY! ;-)

You have the sweetest little personality. Very independent yet, you will share easily. You try to feed me your food and will gladly hand over your favorite toy when asked. You will concentrate on "reading" picture books to yourself for 15-20 min at a time if no one interrupts you. You have the cutest way of sticking out your tongue when you are concentrating. On the other hand, you have developed a new habit of shrieking, for the fun of it, that sends your daddys and my nerves on edge. We hope that you grow out of it quickly!

Your first birthday party will be a sock monkey theme. I spent a little bit of time designing a monkey that I think you will love! The monkey will be on your cupcakes, party hats, signs, bubbles, and a few other places for your birthday theme! The colors are pink and yellow. So fitting for a little girl right!? I hope that you enjoy your gifts. I made you a rug for your reading area (although you are just looking at picture books for now), two scarfs, and some mittens for this winter. You have a few other gifts from us as well. You will have to look at the pictures from the party to see what you received! I hope you have a wonderful time. Lots of the people you love, and who love you, will be there!


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