Monday, October 17, 2011

Toddler Menu

Toddler Menu

After creating a menu plan for my Sting Bug (to make sure she was getting enough calories in a day), I figured why not share the love!? Many of the toddler menus on the web really don't jive with my ideals for what a toddler should and shouldn't eat. For an example, I think is it fine for a toddler to enjoy a pancake on occasion (read once a month), but I do not think it is ok for this to be a staple breakfast food. I also feel this way about cookies, and other super sweet treats. I am not fond of very processes food either so, you will see that this menu reflects those ideas. Oh, and we are not big red meat eaters so, you wont see much of that! You can of course swap out what your family eats! Oh and for those curious sorts, yes, this is REALLY what my toddler eats!

Toddler Menu


~Color coded food groups
~Calorie count for each food and at the end of each day
~Two snacks and three meals per day
~Variety from day to day
~Serving sizes

Toddler Menu

I also need to point out a few things that make this menu specific to my Stink Bug:

Calories: Approximately 1,000 per day. I am not a doctor, this is just what I find that the Stink Bug tends to eat, and is right about what the American Pediatric Association recommends for her age. Ask yours if your not sure what your little one needs!

Milk: You will notice that there really is not much milk on this menu. This is for no other reason that the Stink Bug just does not drink much milk. I will allow her as much as she likes all through the day but, even two ounces at a meal is a stretch for her. Obviously, your child may drink more. I try to add lots of cheeses to balance this, you will see this throughout the menu.

Juice: Juice is another of the those "treat" items in our home. I find that other than the fortified vitamins (which the Stink Bug gets in a multivitamin), juice really isn't that great. It mostly has a whole bunch of sugar and empty calories that can fill up a little belly and keep it from eating more healthy choices! Juice can be a good option if you have been playing out in the yard and need a great way to hydrate a child who doesn't like water though!

Peanut Butter: You wont see any peanut butter or shellfish on this menu. Simply because we have not introduced them to her yet! I am sure we wont wait much longer to give her peanut butter though.

Here is a link to download a pdf file of my Toddler Menu. I will do my best to post a blank menu for you to upload ASAP!

Download the Toddler Menu here! (You may have to X a pop up wanting you to do something first. I am sorry, if/when I can find a better downloading site I will switch to it. Any suggestions?)

Does your family have a "set" menu when it comes time to feeding your toddler? Do you have any tips, or tricks that you would like to share!? I would love to hear about them!

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  1. Thanks for sharing! I generally like 4Shared for sharing files. I've also seen people use a site called Box.

  2. nice! I need someone do to this type of menu for ME... then make a list of all the groceries that i'd need to buy at the end of each week. :-D

  3. Thanks for the suggestions Amanda, I will definitely look into them! I hear you Shannon! Although, I don't like having to stick to a set menu when my days are constantly changing! Not to mention, some times you just like eating whatever you have a craving for!

  4. What type of multivitamin do you give your toddler?

  5. Maxi Baby Care Liquid by Country Life is what she is taking at the moment (she is 16 months now). When I made this, she was taking Poly-Vi-Sol by Enfamil. I highly recommend the Maxi Baby Care. She loves the flavor, and even asks to have it!


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